Package design: Panera Holiday 2013

Tasteful Tidings holiday packaging design by Willoughby design for Panera Bread.

I love that the design’s main swatch is that forest green color, which is refreshingly reversed from the ubiquitous and often overwhelming use of red in Christmas themed packaging design. Here, red takes a back seat and also ties in with a Fall color theme. I appreciate the incorporation of the yellow and orange colors here because it reminds us to not forget Autumn as we jump ahead into Winter with our hurried Christmas anticipation! Cute, refreshing and tasteful, indeed!


Fan Art: Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr Fox by LCArts Film Lounge

Untitled Fantastic Mr. Fox illustration By Scott MacDonald

You’re Disloyal By Philip Tseng

Fun Fantastic Mr. Fox illustrated fan art. Almost as fun as the movie itself, which is full of Wes Anderson cleverness, intriguing stop-motion animation and delicious banjo music. Fantastic, truly.

Beer Design: Green Flash Brewery

The San Diego International Beer Festival 2013 is a 3 day long beer sampling festival with over 400 beers from around the world to peruse and sip to your heart’s desire. This year, my choice for the most influential presence goes to Green Flash Brewery. Sharp beers plus sharp design presentation put Green Flash in the lead of SD’s finest micro breweries at the fest. Their promotional catalog handout really summed it up and separated them from the rest: Green Flash is up to brew goodness and if you aren’t a fan of them already, I suggest you do so now. My favorite Green Flash festival pick: Le Freak Ale!

Package Design: REBBL Tonic

Rebbel Herbal Tonics are “roots, extracts, berries, barks and leaves,” and claims to be “one of the finest organic herbal tonics on earth.” Each label design displays its own power animal inspired by the ingredients, a fun-to-read grid of blurbs about the herbs in the tonic, and a shimmer of silver foil. To boot, they advertise their partnership to end human trafficking with I sipped on the hummingbird inspired Hibiscus Mint as I mulled over the glorious label design. Refreshing design for a refreshing tonic!

Call for Submsissions: Cover Art Contest & Zine Submission for 10 Years of Wooster Collective

Wooster Collective, an online showcase of street art from around the world, is celebrating 10 years. Wooster is asking you to send in cover art as well as content for their “10 years of Wooster Collective” commemorative zine. Click on the images for the submission guidelines and more details about their upcoming exhibition.


Wine Design: Familia Nueva Liberté Cabernet Sauvignon

I am no wine expert. I like what I like, and when I venture out to try a new wine, I’m admittedly heavily influenced by the label design. Without getting to taste the wine on the spot, what’s going to seal the deal is an intriguingly crafted package. If a vineyard has taken care to bottle up their grapes into a thoughtfully put together presentation, I might feel compelled to give it a go.

Enter Familia Nueva’s Cabernet Sauvignon Liberté, which caught my eye on the shelf at Trader Joe’s for a reasonable $10. The label design, by Proof Wine Collective, features embossed paper texture, gold ink and a die-cut around the goddess’ dress. Here, I’ve paired the bottle with Proof’s abstract for the wine. While the wine may go well with tortilla soup, I’ll probably never know. But it sure goes well with indulgent, earthy rebellion. Well done, Proof.