Avocatos was a concept I created as a fun way to generate some interest in cat adoptions. The shelter has seasonal fluctuations in its adoptable populations and there was a need to draw attention to adult cats after kittens had been in the spotlight all summer. Thus, Avocatos was born.  It was an instant hit on social media!
Pocket Pets 
Small pets can often be overlooked but can be great pets for families with small children or smaller living spaces. I created this suite of graphics and accompanying copy to promote the adorable and perfect pocket-sized love these little guys can fulfill as members of the family. Weehaw!
The holiday season is a cozy time for family and indulging in the comforts of life. I created this "Petflix" concept and design for the holiday season of 2019. Graphics were created for social media, website and printed as flyers for posting around campus locations across San Diego. The campaign was a major success, with over 1,000 animals adopted in the month of December 2019.
Certified RAD
The Communications team at San Diego Humane Society came up with a clever concept to help promote long-term pets. The acronym R.A.D. ("Ready and Deserving) was deployed to highlight these hidden gems who, for one reason or another, were passed over and needed some extra attention to find their adoption matches. The concept expanded on the idea of the "old school class," and an 80s theme seemed like the perfect fit to help highlight the retro cool of these pets. Campaign graphics were created for social media, website and an accompanying icon was created that could act as an identifier for the promotion on these special pets' profiles. This adoption campaign is ongoing.
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