The city of Encinitas reached out to San Diego Humane Society in the summer of 2019 requesting support to improve resident compliance with leash enforcement laws. 
I created the concept and design, which was approved by the city to be shared with its residents as a digital and printed ad and banner. Printed vinyl banners were displayed around the city in high-traffic areas such as intersection corners and near dog parks.
I chose to use illustrated type to quickly convey the message to appeal to the audience's sensibility for others versus focusing on the legality as the main message, which I found through research to be less compelling to audiences than issues like safety and respect.
The campaign artwork has since been adopted by two other cities in the county.
Photography by Amy VandenBerg.
Banners were printed and hung around the city in high-traffic and relevant areas such as dog parks, beach areas, and along walking paths. I coordinated with city personnel to provide print-ready files for large format printing.
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